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Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

A prominent nose is a concern for both women and men alike. Many patients requesting such a procedure dislike their profile or the tip area. A thorough and professional assessment is important during the initial consultation to clarify the concerns of the patient. Unrealistic expectations should be discouraged as some of the characteristics will be very difficult to change completely.

The desired improvements in a nose repair may be achieved through a ‘Closed’ approach – where all the incisions are kept within the nostrils. Some times an ‘Open’ approach is required where part of the scar (Trans columellar incision) is placed at the bridge of the nose between the nostrils. This later approach is mainly used to address improvements in the nose tip areas.

As the upper half of the nose is composed of bone, any major adjustments here would lead to bruising around the eyes. A plaster splint is usually required for one week after such a procedure to stabilise the bony adjustments. It may take many months for the subtle swelling in the skin, cartilages after a nose reshaping proceudre. It is advisable to wait till the scar tissue softens - upto 12 months.  Any adjustments / tidy up operations are best done after this time period.