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Mr Jeyaram Srinivasan (JS) is a NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeon in the U.K. - based at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Preston. The attention to detail, the variety of procedures and the satisfaction of the reconstructive procedures provided by Plastic surgery resonates with his own personality. His basic medical and surgical training was done in India. Since 1995, he worked in renowned Plastic surgery units in Billericay (Essex), Nottingham and Sheffiled. He obtained his FRCS Edinburgh (Plastic surgery) qualification after an approved training programme as a specialist registrar.


Over 10 years as a NHS Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Preston, he predominantly offers complex reconstructive procedures following Head and neck cancer, skin cancer and Breast cancer. As a Private Cosmetic / Aesthetic Surgeon, he carries out a range of Cosmetic surgical procedures and non-surgical techniques in reputed private hospitals in Blackburn and Preston. Over the years, his reputation is well established in the fields of Breast surgery, Skin cancer, abdominoplasty, eyelids, face lift and Liposuction - to name a few.


He is actively involved in teaching and training future generations of doctors and Plastic surgeons. His training interest was recognised as  Honorary Regional Surgical Advisor by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He was also approached to design and deliver the Surgical Training Dome in the CCR Expo 2014. He frequently delivers lectures and support to other groups, notably breast cancer patients. 


JS approaches each of his patients as an individual. He actively listens to the patient’s concerns, which helps in providing a personalised care and the results to his patients. The new patient consultation, which typically lasts for about 30 minutes, usually involves active listening to the patients, the professional assessment of the problem and an impartial advice as to the availability of suitable procedures. He encourages patients to have a clear understanding of the treatment plan before the procedure is performed. He has established a reliable support network through the dedicated staff in the various professional hospitals. This emphasis on approachability, communication and support is enhanced by a dedicated private secretary.