Mrs L RGreat Harwood
After considering facial cosmetic surgery for some time I booked a consultation with Mr Srinivasan. He put me at ease immediately, listening to what I wanted to achieve and then making recommendations based on my answers to his questions and examining my facial anatomy and skin contours. He recommended a facelift/necklift and also upper eyelid surgery. At this stage the whole procedure was explained to me with the considerations as well – Mr S answered all my questions which totally reassured me. There was no pressure at any stage to have any of the procedures and it was left with me to make contact again. I chose Mr Srinivasan as I knew he was extremely highly regarded by his patients, surgical colleagues and medical staff. His reputation is well deserved – I could not be happier with the results. It’s not a new face I’ve got but my old face the way it was 10 years ago, which is exactly what I wanted – to look like myself only better! I am extremely grateful to Mr S and his team at Beardwood for the care and support I received during the procedure and for the after care as well. I would recommend anyone considering cosmetic surgery to book a consultation with Mr S – he is the best!
Mrs E KBolton
After having a baby and losing 3 stone in weight, I found I was left with an ‘over-hang’ of excess skin which was covered in stretch marks and looked terribly unsightly. I would always cover up with high waist trousers and long tops. After much consideration I decided to meet Mr Srinivasan to discuss my options. My husband and I went away to think about the operation and then decided that I would greatly benefit from an abdominoplasty. When the day arrived I was incredibly nervous and emotional. However, once I had woken from the anaesthetic and saw the results I knew I would be overjoyed with the end look. The first 2 days following the operation were tough. I couldn’t manoeuvre easily and I was uncomfortable. Trying to cough was not pleasant!! But my hospital stay was very enjoyable and I was well looked after and supported by Mr Srinivasan and the nurses. Trying to walk was also very difficult for about 5 days. Now, my stomach is looking beautiful. It’s flat and has no stretch marks. The scar, which I didn’t like the look of initially, is now so neat and tidy. Nobody will ever see it. Not a day goes by without me looking in the mirror at least 3 times!! I’m much more confident. I now smile when I look in the mirror!! I wouldn’t be without it
J G, Dolphinholme
Having successfully shed 2+1/2 stone in weight aged 59, I was totally dismayed to see loose, ripply sagging skin on my upper arms, particularly noticeable on the fronts. In a consultation with Mr. J. Srinivasan he suggested an arm lift. He talked me through the procedure, explaining the improvements I could realistically expect from the operation. I am delighted! Now, no need to keep my arms covered;  the  scars – a vertical fine line running from 3 inches above the inside of my elbow to a small horizontal fine line hidden in my armpit – are discreetly positioned and fading well. I confidently wear sleeveless & strappy tops once more!  There was very little discomfort & no restriction of arm movement even immediately after the operation.   I came home the same day! I consider myself very fortunate to have found Mr. Srinivasan. He is an excellent Plastic surgeon, professional yet easy to talk to, listens & fully explains the procedure beforehand.   Following surgery ‘Mr. S.’ is thoroughly conscientious in his check-ups. Wholeheartedly recommended!
C CRawtenstall
Since a teenager, I have been unhappy with the shape of my eyes, I felt they lacked the natural shape which would enable me to see them sparkle as I’d seen other peoples eyes do. The excess upper folds of skin were always a barrier, this prevented any attempt I would make to enhance them with make up, and so, for years I didn’t bother.  In January 2009 I under went the necessary surgery that would give me the eye shape I’d always dreamt of. Mr Srinivasan came highly recommended via my GP who stated ‘ He’s the best man for the job’. J S reassured me throughout the pre-op period and talked me through every stage of the procedure, which put me at ease and ensured I had an opportunity to ask all sorts of questions. I had the recommended 10 days off work in which time I got to ” play about and experiment” with all kinds of make-up. looking in the mirror, I couldn’t believe that was me. I have since returned to work and feel wonderful, so pleased to have had it done. My family and friends all agree that I look great, as for myself… well I think I look sensational
Mrs J L, PrestonRawtenstall
Dear Mr S, Many thanks for making me feel comfortable prior to and after my operation (Breast reduction) and for doing such a fantastic job! I am so happy with the results and I know already that it is going to make a huge difference to my quality of life’