Non Surgical Procedures / Wrinke reduction techniques

Non Surgical Procedures

Facial lines or wrinkle lines occur due to lifetime of human expressions. Smoking and personal habits like frowning may lead to prominent wrinkle lines (“Dynamic lines”) out of proportion to the person’s age or general appearance. Using specific medical products  the overactive muscle groups may be temporarily weakened to improve the wrinkle lines.

There may be some bruising and minimal discomfort for one or two days. The effect is noticed between 7-10 days after the procedure. The maximum effect is seen around 2 -3 months after the procedure. The treated muscle group (usually, forehead, eyebrow areas or outer side of the eyelids) remains relaxed for a period of 4-6 months. Patients may observe this change and may seek further treatment  at that time

Selected products can be used in reducing EXCESSIVE SWEATING in forehead or underarm areas.

Rarely, inappropriate injection techniques may lead to other group of muscles being affected. This may lead to droopy eye brows or eyelids.

Facial fillers

Some of the facial lines are due to loss of supportive tissue. These may appear as a ‘groove’ even when the face is at rest (“resting lines”). Such lines can be improved by using Facial fillers.

Fillers can be temporary or permanent. Hyaluronic acid (HA), is a ‘temporary’ filler that may last upto 6 months. Deeper furrows in other parts of the body, resulting from previous injury, operations or birth defects (like ‘pigeon chest’) may be improved by using permanent fillers.

Inappropriate use of permanent fillers may leave the individual with further problems and unsatisfactory results. A professional assessment is highly recommended to avoid such difficulties.