Male breast reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Some men may feel that their chest areas appear like a woman’s breasts. This could occur following prolonged use of certain drugs (body building anabolic steroid preparations / ibuprofen / marijuana) or after significant weight loss. For some younger males this appearance may be part of hormonal abnormalities. Such patients are recommended to have a full medical work up before contemplating a surgery.

If the fullness of the breast area is due to fat deposit only, this is best treated with Liposuction. This procedure leaves only very small scars. Occasionally there may be some harder breast tissue present with the fat deposits. This may require an ‘Open’ procedure – where the scars are kept on the margin of the nipple / areola. In some sever weight loss patients, a more extensive operation may be needed to tidy up the redundant skin. This may leave visible scars in the chest area. I try my best to avoid visible scars and have refined some techniques to keep the scars around the margin of the nipple / areola.

Male breast open operations are likely to need a drain after the operation. There is also a slightly increased risk of partial or, occasionally, total loss of nipple due to disturbances with its blood supply. Patients will be advised to wear a supporting vest to allow the skin to re-drape in a better way. It is advised to stop smoking for at least 2 weeks before and after the operation to minimise such risks.